StackOfStake is a fully automatic shared masternode service. All operations for masternodes management and maintenance are performed on its powerful backend, and the results are displaying in clean and understandable form. StackOfStake advantages are:
  • full operation automation;
  • instant masternode join;
  • instant coins withdraw;
  • no deposit and withdraw fee;
  • auto-reinvest feature;
  • no minimum deposit / masternode join coins amount;
  • receiving rewards from any amount of coins;
  • ...and even more amazing features are coming;
The users portfolio is calculated, in accordance with present coins exchange price, and represented at Dashboard in USD and BTC units for easier understanding and visualization.

Deposit / masternode join

To make a deposit, you need to make several easy steps:
  • LogIn;
  • Navigate to Dashboard (Account (top right corner) -> Dashboard);
  • Press "Deposit" button opposite to coin you want to deposit;
  • Send any amount coin to given address (more than 1 coin to be send recommended);
  • Wait for notification about the successful deposit.
This operation depends of coin network condition, coin block time, number of confirmation blocks. Usually it takes 5-20 min.
After the successful deposit you are automatically joining a masternode.


This operation depends of many service and coin network factors. Usually it takes 1-20 min.


After the deposit, your coins are instantly be added to our pool. The first reward will be deposited to your account as far as any masternode in pool will receive a reward. Every reward is automatically reinvested.
The basic reward fee is 8%. It can vary for each coin, depending of maintenance expenses, masternode ROI and price. You can check service fees by navigating to Dashboard -> Fee by Coin.


Yes. We have an affiliate program. Use your referral link to invite your friend. You will receive the 1% from every his reward.
  • Navigate to Account (top right corner);
  • Click Affiliate;
  • You will see your referral link on the very top of the page.
As many as you want. It's an amazing source of passive income for active promoters and users. Invite people to use our service and always receive a pieces of their stakes.