Service Agreement

1. Acceptance of terms

This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) should be read after the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By agreeing to the Agreement, you are agreeing and accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the Terms, then you may not access or use the Content or Services.

2. Modification of Terms of Use

Service reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace the Agreement at any time. You shall be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any such modifications.

3. Business Purpose

The StackOfStake (“Service”) is providing a shared master node service for cryptocurrencies that are supporting master nodes (“Coin”). Additionally, Service offers services for promotion, marketing, and other services, including the ones, that are not available yet. All services are available for supported Coins as long, as they are listed at the Service (See “Coin listing details”, “Coin delisting details” for details).

4. Allocation of profits

All profits from service fees, Collateral deposit, etc., belong to the StackOfStake development team (“Team”), as long as other partnership conditions with supported coin development team (“Partner”) has not been concluded.

5. Liability

Crypto currency developers must be responsible and work to provide genuine service to the project, ensure the activity of the project, ensure the development of the project, deliver true and honest information and must work to ensure the integrity of the project.

Service is not performing and not responsible for any price/volume, community or other manipulations. Service is not responsible for any financial loss of the Partner or Service users.

6. Decision-making authority

The Team is the only operator and manager of the Service. All service operations, fee appointments and other actions are done by the Team. The Partner or any other third-party entities are not involved in the internal technical, financial or other processes of the Service.

7. Coin listing details

Coin listing is a procedure of implementing of specified cryptocurrency support to the Service.

How a Coin can be listed at Service:

  • Voting – Coin is added to the community voting. The Coin (-s) with the greatest number of votes are advanced to the evaluation stage. Coin (-s) is evaluated by Team (by internal scoring system) or/and third-party service. If the Coin complies with the requirements it will be listed at Service.
  • Email/form application – potential Partners can apply to Service listing by email or listing application forms. Coin (-s) is evaluated by Team (by internal scoring system) or/and third-party service. If the Coin complies with requirements it will be listed at Service.
  • Invited – the Service development team is researching worthy (by internal scoring system) projects. Potential Partners are invited to be listed at the Service.
  • Listing by Service Team decision – the Team is listing a Coin without a notification of Coin development team. Service leaves a right to not notify the Coin development team about the delisting, promotion and other events

By entering the listing by Voting, Email/form application or Invitation, the Partner agrees to lend the amount of Coins which is equal to master node collateral, to the Service, for timely-unlimited use (“Collateral deposit”). The Team may request an additional payment for listing if the monthly master node profit is less than 100 (one hundred) USD.

A free temporary marketing campaign can be offered to the Partner upon the Coin listing. The Service reserves the right to cancel this marketing campaign at any time without reporting to or/and explanation to the Partner.

The Coin will be listed at the Service as long as it does not meet any of the delisting conditions (see “Coin delisting details”).

8. Coin delisting details

Coin delisting is a procedure of removing the support of the Coin from the Service, including shared master node services, advertisement campaigns, and all other internal functionality existed at the Service.

The Service reserves the right to delist the Coin if the current community, economical, technical or other situation meets the following criteria:

  • Daily trading volume of the Coin is less than a price of 3 (three) master nodes in BTC equivalent.
  • The Partner is reporting about the Coin abandon and new handover team is not contacting Service Team for listing extension during 2 (two) weeks.
  • The Partner is offline for more then 2 (two) weeks without a notification (potential exit-scam).
  • Monthly profit from 1 (one) master node is less than 60 (sixty) USD.
  • The Coin is continuously having technical problems and the project team is unable to fix it in reasonable time period.
  • If the crypto currency project has trouble with governing law or related financial regulations.
  • An issue that interrupts the normal Service operation.

The Partner will be notified 1 (one) week before delisting. In the cases when Service has significant financial losses because of Coin support, the Partner will be notified 2 (two) days before delisting.

Coin can be delisted at the request of the Partner. For such request, the Partner must provide proof of public voting and a description of the situation inside the team. The Service leaves the right of final decision of delisting or not delisting of the Coin.

9. Social activity related to Service

The Partner accepts and agrees to post at least following number of announcements about the Coin availability at the Service per month:

  • 2 (two) messages in Discord
  • 1 (one) message at Twitter
  • 1 (one) message at Facebook

10. Coin technical activity

The Partner accepts and agrees to notify the Team about any future activity related to network, blockchain, wallet or other changes that can require any technical manipulations from the Team. All explanations should be included in the message.

The notification time ranges are:

  • Hard or soft fork – 1 (one) week
  • Wallet minor or major update – 4 (four) days before the update
  • Coin swap – 1 (one) week

Last update: August 30, 2018