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Staking and masternodes investment platform
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Open an account with your email address or social media profile.
Make an investment
Use the Portfolio Builder to create your staking portfolio in a few clicks.
Enjoy the passive income
You earn rewards by helping us to maintain the stability and safety of cryptocurrency networks!

Why you should use our staking platform

Express Trade
Our exchanger allows you to trade cryptocurrencies in seconds.
Portfolio statistics
You will not miss important portfolio dynamics with our 360-degrees analysis tools.
Smart balancing
The advanced management algorithms always find the best ratio between staking and masternodes.
Projects score
Our robots work hard to evaluate and correctly score all coins at the platform.
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Choose a coin to stake

How much can you earn?

Enter your desired monthly profit*
*The profit can vary. It depends on the network difficulty, number of masternodes online, coin price, and other factors.
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